Cornwall Cylinder Testing

Cornwall Cylinder Testing was set up in 2011, so a relatively new company, our staff have over 40 years experience in the cylinder testing industry.

We offer:

  • Hydrostatic Cylinder Testing to British Standards
  • Visual Cylinder Inspections to British Standards
  • Oxygen Cleaning to Industry Recognised Standards (TDI)
  • Internal Grit Blasting/Tumbling
  • External Grit Blasting
  • Hot Zinc Sprayed Galvanising
  • Powder Coating/Re-Spraying
  • Air fills to 300 bar
  • Air Gun (PCP) fills to 300 bar
  • Nitrox Fills to 300 bar (% limited > 232 bar)
  • Trimix Fills to 300 bar (% limited > 232 bar)
  • Oxygen fills to 200 bar
  • Regulator Servicing
  • Air Purity Checking
  • Pressure Relief Valve Testing
  • New and Used Cylinders For Sale
  • Pressure Testing and/or calibration of Diving accessories

Technician training:

Call us on 07866 510103 or email

We have a range of adapters to fit a range of cylinders including G5/8, Int (A clamp), M26, Pin Index, Bullnose, 1/4″ BSP and some more, rarer connectors. We also carry some air gun cylinder adapters too, we can fill 300B rated tanks to 300B.

We currently use an Alkin compressor, with a Bristol compressor as backup, feeding our large storage bank and 24 filling whips.

We keep oxygen and helium for nitrox and trimix, which gets fed through our digital partial pressure blending system panel.

Cornwall Cylinder Testing
2 Trenoweth Business Park
Mabe Burnthouse
TR10 9JH